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From early in life she's been curious regarding human behavior and all forms of expression, delving into diversity of culture for enrichment and satisfaction. Traveling to unfamiliar areas of the world, and engaging with the people, minds and costumes she encounters en route, has become her primary inspiration for the generation of Art.

Creation, for Melody, is mainly informed by her connection with the dancing traditions of West Africa, her personal discoveries about how sound and rhythm influence frames of mind, and her developmental journey as a yoga instructor.

Artistic endeavor has been a constant for Melody since her earliest awareness. She tends to draw her deepest inspiration from meditative silence, allowing creation to stem from a place of true introspection.

Ultimately, Melody's highest calling is the rescue of those most ephemeral moments, followed by sublimation into a wholly separate temporal and spatial intimacy.

'Through art I transcend my conventional axis to land on place-less platforms, nourishing my creativity.'


Degree in Fine Arts - Escuela Superior de Artes Visuales Regina Pacis - BUE 2010 - 2015

MFA - MassArt School of Arts and Design, MA, USA

Art Residencies

ConArtist Collective, Summer Residency 2016, New York, NY.
Tree House Gallery, Fall Residency 2016, Maui, HI.

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