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The Full Story



Melody has been an artist

ever since she has a sense of memory.

She considers living as a form of art.

Her strokes and imprints hold a distinct essence as they powerfully express a raw truth coming from the bottom of her heart. The choice of materials, the color pallets, and the supporting media at the day of creation are already speaking to her on their own. She works as she hears the colors whispering, finds a connection with a texture that pleases, and begins combining materials until she sees the revealing spark;

- the potion is complete -
Her inspiration stems from profound encounters with nature, the deep ocean, dense jungle or even immersed living with remote tribes. Her art pieces have always been a channeling source to express what she is

going through in ‘real life’. 

 Melody grew up

in a suburban area in Buenos Aires, Argentina,

where she got her Fine Arts Degree.

In 2016 she moved to the island of Maui, Hawaii, where she fell in love with it all; the salty breath of the ocean, the intensity of the volcano, and the green cathedralesque mountains that surround her. 

When craving for the influence of big culture she voyages to the mainland to continue her studies at institutions including MassArt, School of Arts and Design in Boston, MA, The Art Students League of New York. On a more personal level, she often visits her ultimate Art Master who lives in The Hamptons, and wearing a white beard, has the perfect words at the perfect time.

People say she is a wandering alchemist, moving, transitioning, flowing, so heads up, next time you encounter this muse, she may show up with a completely unexpected collection she’s been brewing while you sleep.

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