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Many of us are immersed in the vicious cycle of modern civilization, which is insatiably hungry because it is a way of life condemned to constant frustrations... Alan Watts.

...But on the other hand there exists simple people leading modest lives, living happily.

Melody takes different cultural and generational narratives as a source of inspiration to create art while searching for a personal satisfaction against social impositions.

By bringing herself into contact with her chosen subjects in a way comfortable approaching, the beauty of authentic face expressions and the compositions of domestic scenes provide an escape platform from illusory and pretentious thoughts to arrive on what is truly significant. The art therefore works as a proxy to a less imposing lifestyle than her own.

Displaying the artwork in hulking and unsettling canvases helps the viewer’s journey through the space of engagement, encouraging personal stories imagined from the piece, even though each character retains a thought of its own.  Not least important regarding the aesthetic of the installation is that it fulfills the need to pack her artwork in a suitcase once the show is over as consequence of her current nomadic life. This lifestyle opens a wide spectrum of possibilities for her art as creation is sourced from what she finds while in the process of settling to new places and connecting with environment and community, allowing to be changed by what and whom she encounters.

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