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I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I got my Fine Arts Degree. In 2016 I moved to United States where I continued to work and study. (MassArt, School of Arts and Design in Boston, MA and  The Art Students League of New York).

 Throughout my career I’ve been mostly portraying situations in diverse cultural settings, from indigenous communities in South America, Africa and India usually related with my travels or curiosity at that moment. Lately I’ve been drawn to have my work speak about the feminine using elements in nature that I most relate to. I find beauty in the dainty of things like the moon, water and in the silence of solitude.  I relate the underwater with the emotional depth, perhaps the unconscious or even eternity and Moon with the mother, the caring, who’s always there but rules the tides. In those moments of solitude is when I see the artwork stemming out so organically, either writing, sketching, painting or even doing digital art.

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